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VCI® Testimonials
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Here's what a few of our past and present clients have said:

“When it came time to expand my practice into the adjacent 100 year-old building, we leveraged Tom Cat’s expertise in hospital design. Remodels present unique challenges, and our greatest challenge was to “marry” two very old buildings that had been built by two different builders. We created a very open design with logical traffic flow in spite of the physical constraints of the existing superstructure. In 20 years we have never regretted a single design decision, thanks to Dr. Tom Cat!”                                                                                           Dr. Robin Downing, Downing Center, Windsor, CO

"There are no consultants in Australia who can do what you do to make practices successful."                                                                       Dr. Vadi Govender, MBA, MCommLaw, MVSc, BVMS, BVSc (Vet Biol), BSc (Chem), Endeavor Hills, Victoria

"In my eyes, you are one of the few futurists, if not only, in veterinary medicine."
- Roy Brenton Smith, DVM, 2013 Pres of AAFP, VIN Board of Directors

"Practice owners can change their minds; it is easy but it is expensive. Practices can change their paradigm, it is difficult but it is profitable. We recovered the cost of our consultant fees in the first quarter. Our staff now has regained the energy and excitement that made our practice grow twenty years ago. Tom Catanzaro and his talented associates can help you make the change."
- Tom Houghton BS, DVM, MBA, Florida

"Dr. Catanzaro came to us four years ago when our practice was "stalled." Through programmed management and the introduction of team sharing, our practice income has almost doubled and gone through a smooth transition from a single proprietor about to 'burn out' to a partnership practice that allows more time for family projects."
- Dr. Larry Anderson, Minnesota

"Consider Tom Cat's services as 'herd health programs' for the mixed practice itself. We doubled our gross but more importantly we doubled our new idea production and became better able to use everyone's ideas."
- Dr. Kim Ward, Saskatoon, Canada


Here's what some other consultants have to say:

  • Gates Hafen Cochran Architects, innovators in veterinary architecture say, "...we have been impressed with their incisive style, innovative approach to veterinary practice management, and their unique ability to translate broad management concepts into a specific plan of action."
  • Owen McCafferty, CPA, Inc, the premier veterinary accountant says, "Articulate, hard-hitting, methodic, creative, visionary, experienced, diagnostic, solutions-oriented...these words only begin to describe Catanzaro's organization. As a practice management consulting firm, we are constantly exposed to a variety of fellow consultants. They distinguish themselves by their results."
  • Ross Clark, DVM, Consultant, a pioneer in veterinary practice management states emphatically, "Dr. Catanzaro's consultation had a really positive impact on our staff. His dynamic approach to the reinforcement of excellence in veterinary medicine and the effect of his enthusiasm have lasted to this day!"