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Design the Dream: A Veterinarian's Preconstruction Primer

Author Thomas E. Catanzaro with several contributing architects and consultants

This reference was conceived and developed as a pre-architect primer text. Many of the veterinary-specific architects were gracious enough to provide insightful chapters discussing the pros and cons of the critical path planning considerations involved in the decision and commitment for veterinary practice remodel, upgrade, and/or new construction. The practical application appendices were developed to offer insights by the consulting team of Veterinary Practice Consultants®, who between them have visited over 2500 hospitals in the past decade. As the principal author of this new pre-architect reference, I was committed to bringing the industry leaders together and sharing their perspectives in a single pre-architect text, to ensure each potential veterinary practice could access the needed resources before investing their future earnings. May 2003, ISBN 0-8138-2922-4, $39.00 Blackwell Publishing Professional 1-800-862-6657 or