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Administrator's Guide to Veterinary Practice Efficacy - This monograph is a "how-to" helper for anyone tasked with administrative duties. It addresses leadership skills and types, hiring and building a team, incorporating wellness and program-based budgeting, plus self-help leadership contemplations. Attitudes, mission focus, strategic planning, and other important topics are put together to assist you in creating a "wellness plan" for your veterinary practice. (Tool Kit of support documentation.) $45

Art of Leadership - In the past, Dr. Catanzaro has written in texts, monographs, and even seminar proceedings, about LEADERSHIP, most often from a "hard science" and procedure perspective. Leadership is NOT an ego game! True leaders have vision and place the goals and objectives of the practice above their own interests, True leaders realize the importance of the practice team working with them. True leaders are not only open to good ideas, but also have the courage to embrace the feelings. (The Tool Kit contains supplemental information supporting the "ART" of leadership; the feelings, the soft caring side of leadership). $45

Building the Bond-centered Practice - This Monograph takes the AAHA Compliance Study - a misnomer and very unfriendly term - and introduces the VCI Pet Parenting Program® , a long past due practical application of patient advocacy. (Tool Kit includes bond-centered program files.) $45

Change Practice Culture or Organizational Behavior - In the series, Building the Successful Veterinary Practice:, Volume 3 was suppose to be titled "Building the Successful Veterinary Practice: The Learning Organization", but the editors thought that title would be uncomfortable for the state of the profession in the mid-1990s.  So the third volume in the initial series was titled: Building the Successful Veterinary Practice: Innovation & Creativity, Volume 3. Organizational Behavior was a favorite concept of Dr. Tom Cat during his MHA studies at Baylor, and played heavy in his Board Certification at the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). By the leadership embracing the basic tenets of organizational behavior, the road map for practice culture change becomes clear. (Tool kit contains early works that went into the FREE to DOWNLOAD text in the VIN Library, The Practice Success Prescription: Team-based Veterinary Healthcare Delivery.)   $45

Client Outreach & Powering Up Your Team - in a team-based practice, where staff is leveraging the veterinarians time, the staff members become primary care providers in areas that the veterinarians have never had the follow-up time to pursue with clients fr the benefit of the patients.  This monograph centers on the staff's role in community relations and client-centered service. (Tool Kit includes potential new programs, sample SOC, and even a Welcome Form [new client form]). $45

Client Relations Zone Operations - One thing is clear: Today's veterinary practice will depend on repeat business more than ever to survive and thrive in a competitive market, and recovering lost clients and pets is a foundation to survival. This Monograph teaches you how to establish a system in the practice to recover those "lost clients and pets" without external promotions and utilizing the existing resources of the team. Encompasses Building the Bond-centered Practice Monograph. "Recovered Pet Program", and "Recovered Client Program". (Tool Kit includes medical record audit forms.) $45

Compensation Strategies for a Client-centered Quality Healthcare Delivery Team - How to meet an individual's needs is discussed. Leadership and change are required. You must guide the staff development and instill a feeling of belonging. Staff progression is outlined, as well as different ways to compensate them, including wages and incentives. Different compensation strategies are outlined for managers and doctors, with benefits and different ways to pay an associate doctor, whether it be a salary or based on production. (Tool Kit includes compensation strategies and tools.) $45

Conflict Resolution, Negotiations, and other Problem Solving Methodologies - This Monograph discusses the communication challenges, the breakthrough skills to solve problems, and the systems that need to be implemented to maintain open and productive communication. (Tool Kit includes self-assessment tools.) $45

Enhancing the Nursing Zone Operations (expanding healthcare delivery beyond traditional doctor-centered delivery paradigms) - The ability to leverage the doctor's time is enhanced when pursuing wellness programs, but in even the most basic of practices, many of the nursing duties are seldom being done by nurses. The NCVEI web site shows nursing duties being done by nurses, so the ones NOT done by nurses are being done by doctors, which reduces productivity, reduces job satisfaction for the staff, and becomes boring for the professionals. This Monograph explores the balance between professional and paraprofessional members of the veterinary healthcare delivery team. Please ensure you stay within your state/province Practice Act restrictions when adapting the ideas and concepts contained in this reference. $45

Feasibility of the Veterinary Specialty Practice -This Monograph discusses the community characteristics that are needed to support a specialty practice, including a critical care or emergency practice. Those characteristics go beyond the client demographics and include the relationships of referring veterinarians. (Tool Kit includes a sample business plan for starting a specialty practice.) $45

Fundamental Money Management for the Veterinary Practice - This Monograph explains the easiest way to keep accurate records using QuickBooks® from Intuit. Although this step-by-step guide explains the process in QuickBooks® , the principles can be used in any bookkeeping program. We"ll explain why the veterinary practice should maintain the practice books in-house for management purposes and letting the accountant do the tax magic with the data you generate! (Tool Kit includes QuickBooks® Chart of Accounts and sample budgets.) $45

Fundamental Operations of a Critical Care Practice - This Monograph will show that by instituting a system of "checks and balances" in the daily operation of the practice, the ability to track money, account for inventory, and generate useful management reports is easy. (Tool Kit includes basic operating plan and QuickBooks® importable file.) $45

Futurology: Through the Looking Glass! - This Monograph discusses strategic assessment and practice positioning - looking at the past, to where we have come today, and then looking to the future of veterinary medicine and the emerging practice configurations. You must look at strengths, weaknesses, core values, leadership, and delegation. Key focus points for the future are also discussed. (Tool Kit includes strategies for managing expectations.) $45

Governance Guidelines: Managing Multi-doctor and/or Multi-owner Practices for Maximum Effectiveness - The reality is that multi-doctor hospitals cannot be operated as one owner practices. It confuses clients, frustrates staff, and reduces the continuity of patient care. There is a new organizational model provided, using the principles from the VCI® Monograph Zoned Systems and Schedules for Multi-doctor Practices. (Tool Kit includes checklists and self-assessment tools.) $45

High Tech Needs for High Touch in Program Delivery - In the strict sense, "High Tech" refers to technological advances in the medical field. Typically this brings to mind instrumentation, such as computer-assisted tomography, or CAT scans, and other such equipment. As we look around the veterinary marketplace today we discover a plethora of new technological advances. Instrumentation is undoubtedly a large part of advancing medical science, but to truly take advantage of the "High Tech" approach to veterinary practice, we must look beyond instrumentation. (Tool Kit includes feasibility and realistic assessment of investment planning forms.) $45

Horizontally Integrated Veterinary Wellness Model - Yep, a weird name, but this Monograph is based on the concepts of multi-tasking, staff leveraging of the doctor's time, and keeping animals healthy. The national client outreach initiative started in 2004, and AVMA requested Dr. Tom Cat to write and roll out the program. This Monograph combines the lessons learned from many practices across northern and southern hemisphere countries. (Tool Kit includes forms and spreadsheets designed to easily implement ideas and concepts into the practice.) $45

HUMAN RESOURCES & ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR - The One Health Initiative describes the mission of this movement in this way, recognizing that human and animal health, and mental health (via the human-animal bond phenomenon), are inextricably linked, One Health seeks to promote, improve, and defend the health and well-being of all species. This monograph extends it to the staff of the practice, and into a ONE WORLD concept, using cutting edge Organizational Behavior concepts to explore the genderational challenges facing practices today and provide assessment and management direction.

Inventory and Maintenance Management for the Veterinary Facility - The new AAHA requirements for very detailed protocols made this a natural. As usual, there is a CD with all the forms in the Monograph, so the practice can meet the AAHA requirements immediately, as well as have the master to tailor to the specific practice/facility needs. (Tool Kit includes maintenance checklists.) $45

Keeping Controlled Drugs Under Control - One of the most confusing aspects of veterinary hospital management, undoubtedly, has to be the controlled substance program. What are the requirements" What substances are included on the federal and state registers" With the increased emphasis by governments to curb America's drug problems, healthcare providers are enduring the results of more frequent audits and review by federal and state regulatory agencies. This Monograph will help practices set up their own controlled drug substance programs. (Tool Kit includes self-inspection checklists and sample forms.) $45

Leadership Action Planner - The concept of team leadership is not always that easy, when the only models one knows is management control. When we developed the text Veterinary Management in Transition: Preparing for the 21st Century® for larger practices and multi-owner affiliations/mergers, we put 11 self-assessment tools in the text to ensure the readers had an interactive method to become aware of what they were learning. The planner format of this Monograph goes beyond those narratives and self-assessment tools. (Tool Kit includes worksheets and planning tools to become a more effective leader.) $45

Leadership Principles and Skills - This profession needs a new approach that is not "management" in a doctor-centered practice. We need to move forward and become both staff-centered, as well as client-centered We use the "Pillars of Continuous Quality Improvement" (CQI) to move past the traditional quality control (ensuring consistent process) and quality assurance (spot-check of outcomes). (Tool Kit includes leadership forms.) $45

Marketing: Selling "Peace of Mind" - The role of pets has changed since the days of barn cats and farm dogs. These days they are usually regarded as members of the family. The veterinary profession needs to keep pace with changing client expectations and their desire for more extensive and specialized care. Wellness Programs, such as "Think Twice for Life", are replacing traditional services and curative medicine to promote healthier, longer lives for our furry companions. The family status granted to our pet companions means we are providing a more intimate service for the pet parent by providing the best possible care. The monograph package contains marketing plans, wellness programs and the numerous ways to expand your services, and sample narratives, (Tool Kit contains self-assessment tools and many forms for client communications that can be customized to your practice.) $45

Models and Methods that Drive Breakthrough Performance - We used ISO 9000® as the baseline, augmented with the 9001 IWA-1 healthcare additions, and the 2003 AAHA Standards® . This is the foundation and MIMIMUM expectations. Then we used the "Pillars of Continuous Quality Improvement" (CQI) found in the Blackwell Press text Building the Successful Veterinary Practice: Leadership Tools® , published in 1997. We applied the Six Sigma® assessment techniques, reducing variance by using standard deviation measurements, to ensure statistical improvement in practice-specific aspects of client service, patient care, and practice effectiveness. (Tool Kit includes project planning worksheets.) $45

Moments of Veterinary Truth - SAS made this term popular when they closed their HQ and sent all the brass out into the skies for 6 months, tasked to find out where the first impressions were being made. This effort moved SAS to the "most friendly airline" by the end of the first year. The consultants at VPC®/VCI® sat back and brainstormed the first impressions made by companion animal practices; there are over 100 listed in this monograph. The MVT list forms the basis for a total practice brainstorming session to improve the practice image in the eyes of the clients. (the Tool Kt contains far more articles than usually included in a monograph, due to the diversity of the subjects). $45

Practice Growth and Business Operations - The most coveted position is to be copied by your peers. The VCI® zoned systems and operational structures have now become mainstream veterinary medicine and used by many consultants and authors - often without any credit being given to the source. This Monograph adds the BUSINESS aspects to the operational aspects of team-based healthcare delivery. It is written for owners and practice administrators, as well as coordinators and human resource managers. Basic business rules, integrated training systems, and program planning are added to break-even analysis systems. A step-by-step program for zoning the veterinary practice has been added, so the reader will understand the flow desired to leverage the veterinarian's time to enhance liquidity and net income. (Tool Kit includes upgraded formats for the practice's financial documentation and an updated veterinary-specific chart of accounts.) $45

Professionalism, Bio-ethics, and Image: Character and Life Skills Beyond Legal Ethics - We have introduced "bio-ethics" as an important part of medical records. It is NOT a documentation system. Rather, it is a decision making system, which is then reflected in the medical records. (Tool Kit includes bio-ethical scenarios.) $45

Profit Center Management (3rd Edition) - this Monograph explains how to use the data and reports generated from the practice computer programs to create management information. We show how charting key data from operations can result in visual management tools. (Tool Kit includes budget planning spreadsheets and essential charts to track critical information.) $45

Staff Performance Planning and Goal Setting - Performance planning is different from having an annual review. Instead of focusing on the past, you focus on the future. Staff members will set goals for themselves and evaluate themselves on their progress during the next quarter. Included are steps for successful goal writing and goal setting. (Tool Kit includes sample performance plans.) $45

Staff Training and Orientation - This Monograph explains how to design and implement a total staff training solution, from orientation of new staff members to in-service training for the whole team. In addition to explaining how to get the whole team involved - even the doctors - there are orientation checklists. (Tool Kit includes orientation checklists you can customize and sample job descriptions.) $45

Standards of Patient Care in the Bond-centered Veterinary Practice - In multi-doctor practices, standards of care are essential BEFORE the doctor's time can be leveraged by staff. We ask the "natural medicine questions" to get the juices flowing, then expand it into a staff-run hospital setting and training plan for new doctors, so they are brought on board and using the same standards of care. (Tool Kit includes key VCI® forms.) $45

Strategic Responses and Practice Positioning - This Monograph discusses many different strategies for success, which include managing expectations, creating leverage, reducing low pay-off activities, and controlling interruptions. There are also strategies for effective delegation, handling pressure, and negotiating demands. (Tool Kit includes sample strategic planning forms.) $45

The Next Level of Renewed Leadership - Tom's first book was on leadership, circa 1997. This Monograph looks at the current needs of leading Gen-X, Gen-Y, and a highly informed client population. It provides two new models. First, a leadership impact on practice operations, and second, a leadership synergy model for staff development. (Tool Kit includes 16 appendices that provide perspectives on adult learning, values, and team building.) $45

The Unknown Road Ahead: A New Veterinarian's Survival Primer - This Monograph was developed for practices looking to hire new veterinarians, as well as provide some long needed guidelines for practice selection by new graduates. (Tool Kit includes planning worksheets for new doctors.) $45

Veterinary Medical Records for Continuity of Care and Profit - There are new documentation needs for veterinary medical records. Suggestions are given for what information needs to be on the forms. Some documentation issues that need to be addressed are continuity of care, standards of care, and making sure the record can hold up in court. If it was never documented, it never happened. (Tool Kit includes sample medical forms you can customize to use in your practice.) $45

Your Personal Veterinary Practice Marketing Review - In this Monograph, you'll learn the "10 Steps" to promote any product or service in your practice, plus complete assessment checklists for the "Five Ps" of your healthcare delivery methods: Product awareness, Price awareness, Place awareness, Promotion awareness, and Practice programs. (Tool Kit includes marketing checklists.) $45

Zoned Systems and Schedules in Multi-doctor Practices - This guide starts with a discussion of "zoning" within the hospital, for maximum productivity of the facility, while reducing congestion and stress on the staff. The section on high-density scheduling will help the reception staff schedule doctors, so the doctors can examine the maximum number of patients in a given period of time, without chronically falling behind schedule and without adding staff members! (Tool Kit includes sample forms and a high-density schedule example.) $45

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